Virtual introduction to individuals with disabilities who depend on AAC or AT in order to participate in all aspects of life

Visit AssistiveWare web site
AssistiveWare specializes in software that provides full access to computer operating systems and applications for students with physical, speech, languages and vision impairments. With the AssistiveWare software a student with a disability can fully participate in school activities, whether it involves creating a video in iMovie or using the standard educational software all the other kids use. Exploring this website you will meet adults and students who use these tools in both academic and non-academic activities.

After you have completed this investigation, please click on the Discussions Tab above and respond to this prompt:

For this discussion, please share a story about an experience that you have had when assistive technology played a role in helping a learner with a disability to fully participate and/or integrate into a classroom or community activity. For those of you who do not directly work with learners who benefit from assistive technology, there are always stories about those you have seen or met online or have read about. Share!!! If you can't think of a personal story or a story that you have seen or read, you can use case studies that you have already met in the videos to discuss how AT helped them to participate in everyday classroom or community activities.