Facilitated communication vs augmentative and alternative communication

Watch this episode on ABC's 20/20 for a real world controversial expose with regard to facilitated communication:


Wikipedia has a comprehensive article regarding facilitated communication.


It is important to "understand the history, use and research on facilitated communication as a form of communication access (candidacy, appropriate supports and work towards independent typing; research including controversy over authorship)." (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Guidelines for the Preparation of Teachers of Moderate and Severe Disabilities: Instruction on the appropriate use of augmentative and alternative communication and other assistive technologies., December 2011.

Augmentative and alternative communication is more of a global term focused on using tools and strategies that promote user independence. Further information about this approach can also be found in wikipedia.


After you have completed these investigations, please click on the Discussions Tab above and respond to this prompt:

Based on these investigations, what are your impressions about facilitated communication. Do you believe that this a valid approach to communication?